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Let us introduce you to the team:

donettabwDonetta Bradley, Chair


Having worked in Construction for many years in various guises I have seen many changed attitudes towards women and the roles they have. 

Leading a company working in the supply chain (Braddons Decorators) is very challenging and so joining NAWIC has enabled me to meet other very professional and supportive like-minded ladies. 

I am also very keen to see the construction industry recognise the interdependency between the trades and professions to enable us to deliver construction projects of the highest quality.  




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Being a member of NAWIC has helped me recognise my value in the industry and becoming a member of the Committee has been a fabulous journey. 


andreasmbwAndrea Jones, Lead Membership

J Tomlinson Limited

Having spent over 25 years in the Construction Industry in a Business Development Role and as one of the very first female BDM’s in the Birmingham area,   I joined the Committee of NAWIC for two reasons:

1.    To be able to promote the industry and offer any advice I can with regard to building relationships and thereby sustaining continued success within the construction arena, whilst encouraging women to develop within what has predominately been a male environment and set aside any fears they may have of integrating amongst male colleagues, thereby attempting to alleviate any “us and them” situations.

2.    To continue to develop new relationships within the profession.





NAWIC with its’ events, site visits and talks has allowed me this privilege and allowed many members to move closer to a greater understanding of the industry and therefore, I would gladly welcome along any new members to both the organisation and indeed the committee to ensure our future plans to bring our workplaces together, continue to come to fruition.

Karen EvansbwKaren Evans, Events Coordinator 

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff

Mine was a ‘fairly traditional route’ into work after ‘A’ levels circa 25 years ago.

I chose to enter the Construction profession after undertaking some work experience at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. This inspired me to go to college and study Civil Engineering which I did and gained a HND and BEng in Civil Engineering from Coventry University.

I then went onto work for a Consulting Engineering Company and have continued to work in the private sector ever since.  





I’m a member of NAWIC and joined the Committee to:

•    Meet, encourage and support other women in the industry;
•    To be part of a network of like-minded, inspiring women who have/will face the same challenges that I myself may/have faced throughout my career;
•    To spend some time having fun with other professional career women.

I would encourage any women from any role or background in the industry to give us a go, come along to our events and consider joining us on the Committee..

kathrynbwKathryn Lennon Johnson, Mentoring Coordinator 

Built Environment Skills in Schools

My focus is skills and diversity, and gender diversity is a key issue to creating not just a construction sector that is better but a society that is better. I'm living proof that NAWIC isn't simply for women directly involved in the technical side, and I'm proud to be on a committee with women who are brilliant, passionate and inspirational.

If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, I encourage you to consider joining.




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I joined NAWIC two years ago because I love what it stands for in supporting women within an industry that is so very male dominated.


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