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A lot has been said about the lack of interest that the younger generations appear to have in the industry and about how certain jobs are suffering due to an insufficient number of people choosing them as a career.

At NAWIC we have learnt, through the feedback that we have received from students, that there is an important factor to consider: the lack of access that most young people have to adults doing the jobs that may interest them in order to be able to ask them about possible routes to achieve their dream job and the realities of the day to day for someone doing the job.

As young adults we tend to see life in a linear way, and as such, obstacles can impair our journey but as adults, we begin to understand that there are many more dimensions that can allow us to reach a goal, and in fact evolution never ends.

At the other end of the spectrum, the industry is full of inspiring “doers” who have not realised to date how valuable their experience can be to those young people but who would be more than happy to share their often not so linear journey in order to be of help them decide which way they’d like their career to develop.

The goal of our project is to set a framework in which we can bring everyone together to allow this conversation to happen.

We would like to have as many people as we possibly could signing up and using this project. If you are interested in becoming part of it, click here to access our online survey.

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