Industry Awards

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It is our belief that in order to increase diversity within the industry, we need to normalise it.

Awards can be a great tool to highlight the work of talented individuals and to signal to those looking from the outside that this industry can also be for them but unfortunately, many of those are biased and not the way you may think. 

Unlike most men, most women attribute their success as much to their team as they do to their own hard work. This does not mean that success has not been led by those women, only that when it comes to putting themselves forward for an award, they tend to not do so for they play down their achievement.

Furthermore, traditionally, awards single out individuals rather than teams and so despite their stellar contributions to the growth of our cities and the delivery of successful projects, the majority of people working in the industry are no given the recognition they deserve.

We are of the opinion that should the language of awards be less biased and the value behind the team’s contribution be recognised, there may be a chance for more women, and men, to put themselves forward.

Furthermore, a true recognition of those would also help overcome inflexible working practices and reframe the images of success which don’t suit female traits giving way to better fitted ones which would benefit both male and female as well as help change the image of our industry.

While this happens, awards for women help raise the profiles of those already working in the industry and inspire others to step up. Our ongoing partnerships with awards such a the WICE Awards have demonstrated us that awards can make a real difference.

This is why the team at NAWIC has put together the ultimate awards calendar to help you and your companies access easily industry-wide awards.

In order to see it, you will need to log in and visit the resources section labelled as "Industry Calendars" where you could already find the industry events calendar with links to all trades and industry events.