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NAWIC UK & Ireland is an international organisation of individuals working within the construction industry and its periphery where they are encouraged to pursue, establish and sustain successful careers.

Our membership includes professionals and trades working both directly in the industry and providing services to the industry.

Our members are individuals working in an industry they feel passionate about. They thrive in diverse environments and enjoy working as a team in the shaping of the built environment.

As an organisation, we aim to promote the positives in the Construction Industry as a whole and to highlight the work carried out by professionals working within.

Our key targets are:

  • A shift of focus from gender to ability
  • Levelling the playing field in the industry
  • Ending of stereotypes

In order to achieve this, our work focuses on:

  • Supporting the development of members
  • Inspiring the young to look at the industry as a valid source for a future career
  • Reaching out to the entirety of our peers in order to deliver a real difference

Joining NAWIC offers members access to events across the country either free or at a discounted rate. It will also grant full access to online based resources including guides, forums and best practice.

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