Choose your Corporate Membership

Who can apply?

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  • Companies working within or supplying goods/services to the industry.
  • Companies looking to tap into the construction industry.

Benefits of Corporate Memberships to include amongst others:

  • Visibility - A platform to communicate from
  • Marketing / advertising opportunities for your company
  • Collaborative Leads – Partnerships have successfully been developed within the NAWIC framework
  • Up to date knowledge – Access to training through CDP, workshops and events
  • Up to date resources - to promote / implement industry values and culture
  • Build your national network – Access to networking opportunities across 8 regions
  • Knowledge and mentoring– Our pan-professional network offer access to leading best practice exchange
  • Discounts – Access to complimentary events and discounts (subject to event particulars) 

Membership Fees:

Each corporate membership has a number of individual memberships assigned to it, which enjoy the same benefits of the Individual Membership. The number of memberships will vary depending on the Membership Level. We have five levels to suit a range of company sizes as you can see on the right hand side of this page.

Fees are reviewed and should be renewed annually.

"Each Member whose subscription is paid as a Corporate Subscription shall be either an individual or Student Member as appropriate. If a Member leaves the organisation which has paid their Corporate Subscription, their Corporate Membership is transferrable to another person in the same organisation and region, but not returnable. The Member who has left the organisation must pay a further individual (or student) membership fee (unless that person rejoins as a Member under a different Corporate Subscription arrangement)." Rule 11 (NAWIC rules)

i.e. the individual memberships can be re-assigned to a different person, within the same organisation, at any point of the membership through written confirmation to NAWIC. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) Use the same address to enquire about memberships for more than 26 members . Those will cost £40 per membership per year with a minimum of 26 purchased. 

Further benefits:

Some of the regions ar able to offer additional benefits to large corporate members (with over 26 members). The benefits will depend on the regional programme and availability. Please email your region to enquiry further. Contacts here (LINK)


  • Remember to choose your nearest region to help us with the administration
  • Should you chose not to pay via Paypal, email your region (LINK)if you have not heard from us in 7 days.