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For London & South East members: Please email regarding renewals.

The London & South East team use a separate system to manage renewals due to the volume of memberships. 

For other regions:

After receiving your membership reminder email, sign in (HERE), navigate to the relevant membership page as below and fill in the relevant information (some details will automatically populate because you are siged in).

  • If you are an individual click here
  • If you are a student or a trainee, click here
  • If you are a company click here
  • If you are an educator interested in learning about the opportunities the industry has to offer to your pupils click here

Should you encounter any issues renewing your membership, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is NAWIC?

     The National Association of Women in Construction is one of the world's longest running organisations for women working in construction. Our growing membership reflects the range of roles available in the built environment and operates within the team spirit which is characteristic of our industry. NAWIC UK and Ireland is a diverse Not-For-Profit Association with a presence in seven separate regions: Ireland, East Midlands, West Midlands, North East, North West, Scotland and London and South East. Each regional committee is represented at the national level and run independent programmes which respond to their specific contexts. Read more in the About Us page above">

  • Who runs NAWIC?

     The National Association of Women in Construction in the United Kingdom and Ireland is an unincorporated association of members run entirely by unpaid volunteers operating in accordance to the NAWIC UK & Ireland rules. We don't have an office and each one of us is working full time within the industry">

  • I would like to get involved but I don't know how?

     Firstly, a big Thank You! As a voluntiering association, we rely on the proactive support of interested parties wishing to get involved and your help will be very welcome.

    The easiest way in which you can get involved is by becoming a NAWIC member. Member Benefits include being able to join our regional committees and/or participate in the running of our programme of events as well as regional initiatives.

    Our regions offer events which are open to non members, should you wish to find out more about the type of events your regional team are involved with and meet the team face to face, You can find out more about your regional events via their prefered communication methods . Visit the relevant rehional pages from HERE ">

  • How can I sponsor an event in my region?

     We appreciate your interest in sponsoring a NAWIC event and would like to thank you. The best thing is for you to contact your regional team (HERE) and explain what you would propose your sponsorship to consist of.">

  • How can I (or my company) become a member of NAWIC?

     Visit the memberships area of the website to understand what membership you should be looking at and how to become a member">

  • What are the benefits of a NAWIC membership?

     Please see an illustrative list on the Benefits page">

  • How much does it cost to join NAWIC?

     There are various prices depending on the type of membership. Please visit the choosing a membership area to decide which category suits your circumstances best.">

  • Does NAWIC have Corporate Memberships for more than 25 people?

     From 26 memberships, the cost per membership is fixed to £40 per person per year. Should your company be interested in joining us with a group larger than 26, please email your regional team (HERE) to discuss in detail. (The reason is a practical one: we will work with you to find a way to streamline communication between our team and yours)

    For any Nation wide initiatives do email us HERE">

  • How do corporate memberships work?


    Please refer to clause 11 under the NAWIC Rules. Do  follow this link">

  • How can I renew my membership?


    Do have your details ready as you will be asked to log in in order to speed up the process. Should you experience any technical problem, do email us HERE

    Please follow the link to the Renew your membership">

  • How can i communicate with NAWIC?

      Our Regional committees have emails you can use to contact them and team members often have alternative ways to be reached for urgent queries. Please make sure you are up to date by checking in the relevant page (HERE)

    Please note that ,as volunteers, we need a bit of time to respond to our emails than a company would. As an average, we respond within the week. ">

  • How often do you organise events?

     We would advise you to consult the regional calendars of Events on the website as well as the Eventbrite pages for each one of our eight regions. Twitter and Linkedin are also good ways to stay informed. Finally, you an sign up to our National Newsletter here and the London and South East Newsletter here">

  • Why can't I see much on the 'Resources' area?

     Our members can access to the entirety of the resources. If you are a member and can’t, please make sure that you are logged in. If you are not a member, you may want to consider joining us to enjoy the full extent of the website">

  • Can you help me with Twitter?


    We have created a simple guide to Twitter to help you stay in touch . It is to be found in our resources area. Do log in and follow this link">

Become a member

NAWIC is an international organisation of individuals working within the construction industry and its periphery where they are encouraged to pursue, establish and sustain successful careers. We aim to promote the positives in the Construction Industry as a whole and to highlight the fantastic work carried out by professionals working within. Our members are individuals working in an industry they feel passionate about. They thrive in diverse environments and enjoy working as a team in the shaping of the built environment.

Our key targets are:

  • A shift of focus from gender to ability
  • Levelling the playing field in the industry
  • Ending of stereotypes

To achieve this, our work focuses on:

  • Supporting the development of members
  • Inspiring the young to look at the industry as a valid source for a future career
  • Reaching out to the entirety of our peers in order to deliver a real difference

Aside the access to an existing community of industry professionals across the UK and Ireland, NAWIC’s members have experienced other benefits which include but are not limited to the following:


 The benefits

 Types of events/benefits

Within NAWIC

• Can join the Regional Committees

• Attend Regional Committee Meetings

• Gain experience in volunteering

• Gain organisational/soft skills

• Shape the NAWIC Programme

• Attend the AGM

• Attend members only events

• Discounted rates & priority in paid for events

• Free access to the Annual Conference


• Regional Committee meetings

• Career Days

• Annual conference

Professional Development:

 • Access to Key speakers and seminars

• Network of Collaborators

• Recruitment Network

• Industry specific updates

• Sharing of best practice / lessons learnt

• Advice on promoting industry values and culture

• Have access to NAWIC partners & benefit from discounts

• Access Approved by NAWIC Training professionals

• Site Visits (priority)

• Round‐Tables (priority)

• Topical Working Sessions (priority)

• CPD –like Events (priority)

• Workshops/Training (discount+priority)

• Green Thinking Events (discount+priority)

• Members only events and online resources

• Discounted CIOB Registration

• Discount to attend key conferences, access courses etc (HERE)

Soft Skills:

• E‐newsletter

• Website‐based sharing of best practice

• Education/inspiration for future generations

• Public speaking skills

• Recruitment skills

• Leadership development

• Promotion of the industry in schools

 • Workshops/Training (discount+priority)

• Members only forums

• Opportunities to speak in schools

• Members only NAWIC Recruitment Network

• Members only Awards Calendar

• Access to Formal and informal Mentoring

• Networking Events (discount+priority)


• Access to senior level professionals

• Job / collaborative leads

• Access to resources to promote / implement industry values and culture

• Up to date relevant resources: Industry Research, CPD, Professional development and recruitment 

• Sharing best practiceE across the industry

• Access to Formalised Mentoring, Apprenticeship, placements programmes

 • Networking Events (discount+priority)

• Members only NAWIC Recruitment Network

• Members only Awards Calendar

• Members only Trade Events calendar

• Strategies and Statistics

• Networking Events (discount+priority)

• Discounts on a variety of events by others

• Access to key industry wide organisations

Additional opportunities.

• Sponsoring opportunities of key events at regional or national events

• Topical contributions to our website

• Hosting of events

• Careers day sponsoring and speaking opportunities

See also:

Frequently asked Questions.

Renewal of your membership.