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"Image of women in construction"

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We need you!

As part of our commitment to change the face of construction and highlight the contribution of individuals to the industry, NAWIC London & SE have launched a new project that aims to capture the face of the women working in the construction industry.

We will be working with photographer Morley von Sternberg ( in a photographic book that will reflect the person : properly, engaged in the moment, in order to showcase who they really are, their passion, not only the fact that they are women working in construction. To accompany each image, there will be a mini interview to be carried out as a discussion to really connect through the photographing process. 

  • The book’s aim is to show the the audacity and strength of those women in order to inspire others to join the industry. 
  • We want to show the younger generation that construction can be an excellent career choice. 

Our initial posts on LinkedIn have raised a lot of interest and so we want to set the principles of our strategy here to clarify and encourage participation:

We are looking for women in all roles related to the industry and its peripherals.

They can be NAWIC members of not, though we would really like that our members step forward to be considered

In order to have a fair process of selection, we have created a criteria as follow:

  1. We will need for each application to have this form filled in by the nterested party (you) (Download HERE)
  2. We are looking to avoid role repeats and also want to make sure that , as a set of images, we show full diversity
  3. We also need a professional endorsement (by someone you work/have worked for/with, a client, a colleague) . It should talk about you in your role, in your team.

We would like to feature all of those who are not selected to be part of the book in our careers project which is available to schools and colleges in order for the next generation to be inspired.

Email the above to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the subject: "Image of women in construction"

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