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Variety is the spice of life

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“Studies show that in order to progress professionally, one cannot rely solely on knowledge and good work. At managerial level, visibility counts for 90% of success. Increasing one’s visibility and network are requirements if one is to progress within an organisation and through building social capital, one builds influence.” Edit Development, at NAWIC LDN & Se  “Challenging bias” session.

Our events facilitate opportunities for :

  •  Networking
  •  Mentoring
  •  Personal Development

But also opportunities to:

  • Learn from Best Practice from across the industry.
  • Access resources, networks and professionals working in the same industry, most likely in different ways.
  • Test research and ideas with a wider audience and a network of collaborators.

The above would:

  • Contribute to your company's diversity program
  • Allow your company to gain influence
  • Contrast opinions in your pursuit of excellence.

Being part of the association can help members feel more confident and establish rapport within the wider industry. This, will give another dimension to their professional skills set.

NAWIC also provides a platform for better integration between male and female colleagues through the many events organised which are always open to male and female individuals.

In terms of the next generation, NAWIC’s endeavour to engage a wider audience would enable you to reach out to emerging talent.

If all the above still has not convinced you, we advise you to look at the past/forthcoming events sections for your region and decide.

Why use a NAWIC registered business

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Our members are a diverse group of individuals who share a commitment to contribute positively to the built environment.

We take pride in delivering a good service and sharing our passion with our clients and in doing so, we want to reframe the way our industry is perceived.

We understand the layers of complexity involved in the built environment and how they affects people’s lives and we want to be part of it.

Furthermore, we work under the NAWIC Code of Professionalism (LINK)

The NAWIC Register:

What is it

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Over the years, we have been regularly asked for a directory of trades and professionals who are NAWIC UK & Ireland members. The NAWIC Register is our response. It is a service that will offer the public access to professionals and trades embracing diversity.

Who can apply:

  • All NAWIC UK & Ireland Members 
  • (Corporate and Academic Members with multiple memberships will be able to apply as a single organisation)


The yearly fee will pay for an entry in the register where the member will be able to display:

  • Name & Surname
  • Title
  • Expertise
  • NAWIC Region
  • Contact details
  • Website
  • Company logo

The register will be organised by disciplines with clear identification of the regions too.

Register Fees:

The Register has an additional, separate, cost to the membership of £15 per year

It is not obligatory to be part of the register to members, but it is obligatory to be a member to be in the register.


  • Remember to choose your nearest region to maximise the exposure
  • Should you chose not to pay via Paypal, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have not heard from us in 7 days.

Please click here to apply for the Register

Where to find them

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We regularly receive emails from people looking for graduate schemes and apprenticeship opportunities within our industry. They are often frustrated, disillusioned and running out of ideas because they don't know who to ask their questions to . We know this is an issue and hence we have created the student/trainee and academic memberships (see here).

We would therefore like to use this opportunity to say to any of you feeling this way, that our industry is very lucky to have you and there are many opportunities awaiting for you.

We have come up with three areas you will find worth exploring and which you might not have been aware of:

1. Contractor training schemes: Many contractors have on going schemes that can offer you opportunities to grow in your role and develop within the company whilst working. They are a good alternative to traditionally structured educational routes that require a large economical commitment. You can find a list of top contractors at Construction News (here) and , for NAWIC members , a list of job hunting links in our resources section

2. Large developments near you: Many developers have a list of conditions related to local employment and training within their Section 106 . This means, that if you live near a large site and are interested in an apprenticeship or a graduate scheme, the contractor is likely to be looking for someone like you. Don't be shy and put yourself forward.

3. Construction Skills Centres: As well as offering training, they are in constant communication with key players in the industry and know which contractors are looking for someone like you. CITB are always aware of where those are located hence it is worth for you to keep an eye on their website (here).

4. Further suggestions: Women into construction have a work experience programme to help you gain insight and make that first connection with an employer. You can contact them following this LINK and enquire. Built by Us, a new project emerging in South London are also looking to act as a link between people like you and the industry, do look them up too. (LINK)