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NAWIC provides a range of tools that offer support, knowledge and expertise to our members.

In the NAWIC forums members are able to discuss important issues relating to the construction industry and stay up to date with contacts around the UK and Ireland.

Please note that while some resources such as our Mentoring area are open to all, other resources are only available to NAWIC members.

Currently this is the content of our online Resources:

NAWIC Publications                                         NAWIC Presentations 

          • Basic Guide to Twitter                                                          • Attraction and retention

          • Construction Press Database                                              • Roundtable:Industry Health check

          • Institutes and Organisations Database                               • Roundtable: encouraging women to join the industry

          • Construction Data Finding Resources                                 • London Build Expo 2015:Attracting Skills

          • Small Business : Collaborative resources                           • Constructing Excellence Annual Convention 2014

          • Small Business: Graphic resources                                     • Working Session Conclusions: Changing Perceptions

          • Small Business : Marketing resources                                • Working Session Conclusions: Challenging Bias

          • Small Business: Admin resources


Careers & Recruitment                                    Mentoring

          • CV Writing Tips                                                          Industry Calendars

          • Bio Writing Tips                                                                   • Trade/ Industry Expos

          • NAWIC Recruiters Network                                        Forums

          • Job Hunting Sites                                                       Papers by others

          • Notes: Speed Networking