NAWIC North East

Welcome to NAWIC North East. This page will be updated with more information soon!

To contact NAWIC North East please email:

You can also find NAWIC North East on Instagram and on LinkedIn


Your North East committee

Caroline Morton – Chair

Jess Newton – Deputy Chair

Demi Hindhaugh – Deputy Chair and Mentoring Coordinator

Catriona Lingwood – Treasurer & Events Coordinator

Victoria Beattie – Treasury and School Liaison Support

Suzanne Blair – Secretary

Alex Mather – Secretary Support

Angela Carney – School Liaison

Hollie Statham – Social Media Coordinator

Natalie Groves – Marketing Coordinator

Jade Davison – Mentoring Coordinator

Samantha Curtis – Inter-Committee Liaison

Rachel Cox – School Liaison (Durham)

Katie Paparestis

Louise Stewart

Eleanor Curry

Emily Broughton

Holly York

Sian Rankin

Sophie Ellis

Anna Thompson

Melania Bergna

Dr Sarah Winkler-Reid

Sarah Boyd